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Redelfi Corporation

Redelfi Corporation is a cutting-edge investment company dedicated to the development of renewable energy solutions, with a focus on battery energy storage systems (BESS) parks.

Our team of experts is committed to investing in and supporting sustainable projects that generate clean energy while reducing carbon emissions. With our innovative approach, we aim to drive the transition towards a greener future, while delivering long-term value to our stakeholders.

Join us in building a more sustainable tomorrow with Redelfi Corporation.


We are currently focused on BESS parks

We have a firm belief in creating a cleaner and better world.
That's why we strive to contribute towards changing the energy landscape and preserving our planet by promoting wider adoption of renewable energy solutions. To uphold these values, we invest in the development of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) parks. Through BESS Power Corporation, we have already begun the development of BESS parks in several states in the U.S. with a capacity of 800 MW. The primary goal is to develop BESS parks with a total capacity of 2.4GW by 2026.


Battery Energy Storage SystemBenefits

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) parks make renewable energy much more reliable, regardless of the presence of sun or wind.
The main advantages are:

Continuous energy supply, around the clock

Enhanced energy efficiency

Cost savings

Sustainability benefits

Reduced consumption

Our Team

Davide Sommariva

Holding a BA in Economics and a Master in Finance, after working in the field of investment banking he has been working in the world of renewable energy for 14 years. He founded Renergetica S.p.A. and led it until its initial listing on the EGM market (already AIM Italy) in 2018. He was the president of Rengergetica S.p.A., board member of Renergetica USA Corp. and a board member of RSM Chile S.p.A.

Raffaele Palomba

CEO of Redelfi and Sole Director of RH Hydro S.p.A. Among other things he created and managed a commercial network throughout Italy in the retail industry. He has been working in the renewable energy field for over 14 years, operating to develop business opportunities in Italy and abroad with particular focus on markets in North and South America. He was a board member of Renergetica S.p.A. and President of RSM Chile S.p.A.

Valentina Fistarol

With twenty years of experience in the field of taxes and accounting she was the chief administrative officer of Renergetica S.p.A. and managed all financial and accounting aspects of the group both in Italy and in all foreign holdings. She handled the entire process of listing Renergetica S.p.A. on the EGM (already AIM Italy) stock market in 2018.